Over more than a decade, we’ve worked on projects large and small, from national policy to local campaigns.

We’ve ranged broadly – mental health, smoking, cancer, quality and safety, health systems, obesity, diet, palliative care, health literacy and more.

Some projects, such as editing the Australian Dietary Guidelines, have been for national audiences. Others, such as addressing smoking in pregnant Aboriginal women, have been very specific. We’re particularly proud of the work we did that pushed health professionals to take more seriously the issue of smoking for people with a mental illness.

Some of our projects are concerned mainly with writing and editing, while others are consultancies with an editorial flavour. Some of our projects have been quick and fairly straightforward, while others have taken three years of constant endeavour.

We’re particularly adept at writing clear and simple health information for a public audience, which is a task more complex than it seems. We also write for professional audiences and about communications for all audiences.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.

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